Two Fresh Water Drains

Flushing my water system for the first trip. I noticed I have two water drain handles underneath. One behind the middle tire, and forward of the front tire. The forward handle reads “Potable water”. I thought it only had one fresh tank- can’t find it anywhere in the owners manual. But, if I fill the fresh tank (rear dump gate closed) up to about 30 gallons the front gate will begin to dump water if open. Any ideas?

Maybe an overflow shutoff? Have you operated that second valve while filling to see if it stops the flow of water dumping out?
Just a thought.

I did. It’s a regular gate valve- just like my fresh dump valve. It’s got a t-handle and rod as well. So, it’s not an overflow.
Around 30 total gallons it will begin to dump the fresh water as I’m filling the tank.

I had the fresh tank around 50 gallons- with both dump gates close, and I drained the main fresh tank and it seemed like it dumped about 50 gallons. I close the main and open the other one and it starts dumping more water. It seems to me it’s a second connected freshwater tank. ?

Well, what about a meter clocking exactly what goes in or out? Does the amount allowed in coincide with the stated cap? The spec sheet says your model has a cap of 150 gal. Are you feeling like it is taking that much? Or is it a drain for the fuel tank?
A call to the dealer to help sort it out?

Called Brinkley and talked to one of the techs. Our trailer has two 75gal tanks. So that answered the question on why there are two drains.

Fantastic news, prob clears up a lot for you and gives you a better understanding of what’s buried in there. So, does that mean they are connected physically or via plumbing or do you have two 12v pumps?

Tanks are connected via a ridge in the middle that sits on part of the frame. Single water pump and single fresh tank heater. Main thing is both drains need to be open to drain the respective side. The tech actually pulled our VIN blueprint design to make sure.