Under mattress ventilation products to prevent mold

I am trying to find a good product to use under the mattress, I have been looking at some of the RV specific types and they seem stupid expensive for what they are. Anyone have any DIY products that they have used and liked?

When I look at the material it looks the same as the stuff people use as rain screens or ventilation for cedar roofs. Wondering any ideas…

I found this

It reminds me of the stuff in a swampcooler. Yea sqampcooler pads. Get the synthetic kind

I keep looking at this Den-Dry product:


You can buy it direct from Den-Dry for a bit less:

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i googled a bit about this - and one thing that i seen mentioned a few places now is the use of duragrid tiles under the mattress, still a bit of cost, and some claim a 1" styrofoam board does wonders. For me in a Z3100 i am going to test duragrid “comfort tile”, ordered it from a boat place. I may also try styrofoam on top of that, just not sure how good a split one will hold in place with the bed flip-up lift and such…

I too use Den-Dry. Easy to cut and taped it together and then to the bed board.

We will be adding the Froli under mattress system in our unit. Pretty easy install. Froli STAR Bed Kits - Froli Systems