Upset with Brinkley about Lippert OneControl on 3610

I had my nephew and niece stay with us in our brand new Z 3610. I am so disappointed and frankly I feel lied to by Brinkley that they did not put the slide in the Lippert OneControl panel and put in this janky slide switch. The WORST PART is the switch it as light switch level and my niece accidentally pushed it and slide the slide in while trying to turn on the lights early in the morning over Christmas.

Anyone else feel duped by Brinkley? They claim the 3610 can be fully automated with my phone but clearly that won’t work. I am both upset because they should retrofit our rigs with the proper OneControl panel and its a safety concerns as far as I am concerned. What is the kids are playing around and hit the switch. I would have been far less upset if it simply was included in the control panel area.

Like to know what Nate Goldenberg response for this is!

Here is a picture of the Model Z 3610’s bonus room light switch and slide configuration for those who have not seen it

That does not seem smart, what do you mean about the panel? The side is not a button on it?

I know this is a little older thread, but did you get any satisfaction out of Brinkley on this?

We had to cover some Fire Alarm Pulls in a building due to kids easily pulling them so I thought something similar to these may help at least prevent an accidental hitting of the switch…

Clear Protective Cover

Yes, agreed! 3610 is what I was just about to purchase and between this, and the AC flaws I’m holding off until its corrected. my 3 year old will have a field day, since it’ll be his room!