Vacuum recommendation

What would you recommend for a stick vacuum in the Z 3100. Please let us know what is working for yours! I’m seeing lots of different Dyson’s, but they are a bit pricey for something that doesn’t get used all that much!

We have used shark vacuums both in the rv and at home, and are happy with them. We used to try do cordless vacs in the rv, but they really don’t work as well as a plug in model. We have had Dyson, but feel the Shark works as well or better, more models to choose from, and much less $.

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We mounted a Dyson V15 in our rig. The reason we went with the V15 is the mop which frankly we have not even tried yet, we are all about the fluffy optic cleaner. We ended up accidentally stumbling upon a open box deal on a unit that was not even used.

We clean the floors before we pull the slides in each time so we don’t accidentally get any marks in the floors. We found that despite our best efforts even with the normal head we don’t get all the dirt up. We tried the fluffy optic cleaner and were blown away about how it literally illuminates all the dust and dirt we were not picking up. So we typically use fluffy optic cleaner the most, it fits under the side tables in the living room and under the ottoman.

Surprisingly the heads pickup hair but while Dyson says the new heads help prevent the hair from getting wrapped around the bush they are right. We have not had any hair wrapped around the hair brush head.

The real reason for this unit was a the mop function which we have yet to use, will report back once we have tested it.

Have a look at the BuTure VC50. Ours works great, not near the cost of a Dyson.

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Thank you, ill definitely check that out! Do you have that mounted where it can be in the closet?

Yep, in the closet, left hand side. It’s held up really well, being mounted there.


I know there is a spot to wall mount the vacuum in the bedroom closet, and a power outlet right there to plug it in. Does anyone know what’s behind the wall in the mounting location that the mounting bracket can be screwed into? Just wondering if it is a piece of wood or what? Also, we just got our Z3100 this week, and having trouble with the bedroom slide ATM, so haven’t had a chance to look in the closet, but how do you know the exact mounting location? Thanks!

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The mounting location is labeled on the far left of the closet. I believe it is magnetic if I remember correctly. The plug in for charging is just below that. Still trying to figure out what to buy thats reasonable!

Thank you, how did you mount it?

I’d like to know that as well. If there is metal behind, seems like sheet metal screws to attach the mounting bracket. If it’s wood, then wood screw. They don’t tell you what’s behind the wall to attach the mounting bracket to. I don’t want to start putting holes in the wall until I know what I am doing.

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BTW, I bought this off of Amazon based on the earlier recommendations in this thread:

I mounted it in the general location of the label. The vac kit came with 3 - #6x1" screws. There was lots of “bite” for the screws in that area. It’s been hanging there for a couple thousand kms now, no problems. Still very secure. See photos.

Thank you, this information is very helpful!

We bought a Dyson refurbished unit directly from Dyson. Looked brand new and had 6 month warranty.
It piced up so much our cheap vacuum left behind. The V8 for 199 I believe. It has washable filters and will not allow dust and dirt to blow out.

Still in our Grand Design 337rls but really loving the 3100.

Jim H.

We ended up getting the Dyson V8. I charged it and tested in our home. It worked great, so we installed it in the RV today. You can find the mounting plate with any magnet. We found ours right behind the label.
Good luck!

There are two Dyson models I’m considering. I have a V10 absolute at home and a red devil for carpeted motorhome which is useless in a carpet less rig. My concern is weight. The Omni Glide is light and available only from three very sketchy 3 rd party sellers on Amazon. The other is a Micro 1.5 kg which I can’t find at all. The Dyson website is marginally helpful. My V10 is almost 9 lbs. I think the V8 is lighter. The Omni would be ideal. A few posts back someone said it’s hardly used. Depending on pets and what’s outside on the ground it could be daily use. But if I can quickly vacuum my 2700 sq ft home in under ten min I don’t think vacuuming my rig would take long. Here’s what I just picked up at home. Bits of paper, leaves, several small rocks, a screw, a stepped on smashed tortilla chip, lots of hair in the bathroom, plus some unrecognizable bits. That’s in one day. I know we must vacuum under the floor flaps before putting sliding rooms in. I’ve done a similar procedure in our coach which has carpet. I found a coat hanged under the bed once. I’m really wanting a Dyson because I have duplicate tools and can repurpose them.

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