Vanity Sink Drain

On board the Z2900 the vanity is in the wardrobe slide, has anyone experienced any issues with regards to plumbing leaking or kinked from movement of the slide?

We haven’t. We picked our 2900 up on March 28. We’re on our 6th trip, 2 of which have been +7 days.

We debated between the 2900 and 3100, and the pluming in the slide was one thing that we thought about. But the bigger bedroom of the 3100 was the determining factor.
I will way that I’ve never seen anyone on any of the pages have an issue with that.

My wife liked the bigger bathroom and the hallway closet on the 2900.
I liked the larger closet, dresser and washer/dryer prep on the 3100.
We just did not like the sliding bath sink having the water and drain hoses moving back and forth every time the slide goes in and out. Thus we went with the 3100. We also have not heard of anyone having issues on the 2900 with the bath sink.