Water filter recommendations

I don’t drink the water from my rig but I would like to know what others are using for water filtration, mostly to keep the heavy containments out like silt, sand etc. I am willing to go with an inline but I was also thinking trying to install something in the wet bay.

Let me have your good, bad, ugly suggestions.

I use an inline to fill the fresh tank. And a Britta for ice and coffee and bottle water for drinking.

Some folks use those berkeys but they are crazy expensive.

if you do go with a carbon type filer in the wet area send us some photos of the completed project.

I don’t drink the water from the tank but I also wanted to protect the tankless heater from the heavy stuff. I am not a fan of of the granular TastePure so I went with the Clear2O and love it so far. I have the 10 micron prefilter:

Then I have the 1 micron carbon filter:

You can get the pre filter in 20 micron for water that is more heavily contanimated to help you get a little longer filter life. They are washable so that is helpful. If you want you can also change the carbon filter to 5 micron for the same reason.

Finally one neat feature that you may like is you can just get a adapter and JUST run a pre filter so either 10 or 20 micron and that is washable so it will keep the heavy stuff out since you are not drinking the water.

The post filter is not reusable but Clear2O has a heck of sale in Black Friday’s normally so I just stock up for the season.

I found this picture of an install on FB. You may need to join the Brinkley group on FB to see it, not sure.