Water hose adapter

Excuse the ignorance, what is the type male quick connect used on the exterior water supply? The 3610 came with one coiled hose with male adapter and I would like to convert a standard hose to use in the basement’s female water supply.

Are you talking about the coiled blue washdown hose with the quick connect?

Or are you talking about adapting a new different hose to use quick connect at the pass-through faucets?

I’m referring to converting a normal water hose with normal garden hose style ends to the quick disconnect. I need a female garden hose thread end with a male quick disconnect end. My problem is knowing which style quick disconnect to buy, which should be available at the local hardware store

Sounds like you are trying to make a longer hose to connect to the quick disconnect? The hose connection is a 3/4 NTP and here is a garden hose disconnect that should work.


Thank you. I’ll check.