What i love about my 3950

The ramp door / deck is awesome
The tie downs are great
The folding 1/2 bath is neat.
The garage is sealed with actual seals from the main area.
Kitchen is full of awesomeness
Residential Fridge uses less energy than my previous 12v compressor fridge.
The moveble dinnette is cool
The u sofa is crazy cozy but juggling cushions is a bummer, to the loft they go.
No carpet
Flush floor slides that are tall and i dont hit my head.
Leak free proper brass plex plumbing
Giant tanks
Dual fuel generator and the gas station
No drop frame.
Big reinforced upper deck and hitch
Bamboo mattress is crazy comfy. It is the only RV mattress i have not cut down to make dog beds.
Inverter runs more than just the fridge. Outlets and TVs
Rockford fosgate stereo, crazy loud when you want but yet you can turn it down for background listening. 3 independent zones.
Neato front stroage. The drawers are cool. Free ladder
Wifi, 2 4 and 5 g options. Winguard, you have to Buy parts but. It integrates with the 360 antenna.
The travel fi lets you use it as private wifi or as a repeater for another wifi and add 5g connection.
Dishwasher prep
I have splendide stacking washer dryer i will put in the bedroom soon.

this darn unit is just built so darn well