What is everyones thoughts of wheel balancing?

I have a new G coming and I am looking at options to wheel balancing. In the past I have used beads but I know their are discs and other options. Just trying to get a general idea what people are using and has worked well.

Have you looked into Centramatics? They are amazing, had them since my first Airstream.

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I have used both the Counteract beads with success in my previous rig see this –


I have also used these –

Why are you balancing a trailer tire? You don’t need to balance them.

Balancing the tires does make a difference in longevity of the tire. Just because you don’t feel them in the seat of your pants does not mean they are not still hopping down the road. You will get a noticeable increase in tire lifespan and better tire wear. From a safety perspective if the tire is really out of balance it causes additional heat which can lead to a blowout.

Centramatics are proven to work well as an options.

I have also put in the tire beads but I will warn that I have had a bead get lodged in the schrader valve and cause a slow leak. I checked my tires, one got partially lodged and when it attempted to close the beat got stuck on the interior valve seat. The next time I went to check my air pressure the beat would’t allow the valve to fully seat and I had to use a core removal tool to pull out the bead and valve and replace it. Going forward I always made sure the valve was pointing up before I checked my air, which meant I had to do it hooked up.

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Never balanced my trailer tires before and never had a problem.

I wouldn’t waste the money on balancing the set that comes on the rig unless you have some uneven wear, vibration, etc. I do however balance my trailer tires when it comes time to install new tires.

I think for me the point is not only wear and tear but I had a sidewall blow out on a 90 degree day with a Goodyear Endurance tire. Goodyear did an analysis on the tire and noted it appears that probably it was due to overheating. Certainly the balance was not the root cause but I noticed that the tires that were balanced vs the new ones that were not balanced the TPMS showed them running few degrees warmer consistently.

I called Centramatic and kind of funny they told me to purchase them from Amazon it would be faster and cheaper. They came from Bobs Balancers on Amazon which the rep from Centramatic said is one of their larger Internet retailers FWIW.

How are the Centramatics on the G? I had them on my F450 since mile 1… and still had a vibration. I took them off at 25K mi (dealer wouldn’t work on the vibration with them on) and wasn’t any change in ride. Went with Alcoa wheels and solved my issue… but never put my Centramatics back on. Don’t miss the noise they make at low speeds.