What is the weight rating on the front compartment?

I am looking at putting a pair of Victron inverters and some lithium batteries in the front compartment. What is the weight limit?

I thought I read somewhere it was like 300lbs.

I talked to a Brinkley representative last weekend at the Montreal rv show about this topic. The answer is the weight shall be distributed evenly throughtout the unit. The maximum cargo weight is around 3000LBS for the Z3100 that is include everything, fresh water included.

Here is my thought, for the front compartment itself, is mainly for the batteries (around 100LBS each) and a Onan generateur (around 300LBS).

Don’t forget the washer/dryer that go in the wardrobe (around 150LBS) + all your cloth in the bedroom are directly related in the front capacity. You have the passthrought storage which the weight is distribuated between the front of the unit and the axels.

So I assume you won’t have generator because all those batteries and maybe no washer/dryer, this allow you to go with your project.

If you stay in a logical weight distibution you should be good.

This is a great question, I wonder this myself. The floor is fairly thin so you need to be careful with that, it may need to be reinforced. My guess it around 500lbs but I would love to understand that better.

Funny you should ask, I posed this question this week to Brinkley and they said 3000lbs distributed across the rig. They would not recommend say a 1000lbs but somewhere around 500lbs is fine IF distributed evenly across the front compartment.

They also mentioned that with that kind of weight I need to be mindful of the pin weight.

How many freakin batteries are you putting in???