What kind of grease should we be using for wet bolts and axles?

I am getting ready to lube all the suspension components. I know you should’t mix grease but any idea what the factory lubricant uses or how to “flush” it?

Any high quality grease will do.
There are a lot of fifth wheels out there that don’t have wet bolt setups so anything is better than what they have!

If you truly want a water proof grease this is the stuff. It’s very sticky and stinky.

The problem is you don’t want to mix grease types. So for the wet bolts that it less of an issue, I can pump enough to push out most of the old grease. Axle bearings not as easy.

I think it would be best to use same type as Lippert used so you don’t contaminate. I guess I can call them to see the type and report back.

I called Brinkley with this same question. Thier reply came from Lippert and was: It could be Mobilgrease HP (Mobil oil), Ronnex MP(Exxon), Kendall L-427(Kendall oil), Valvoline Val-plex EP (Ashland oil), Pennzoil 707L (Pennzoil oil). Most of these greases are now replaced with different numbers or not manufactured any longer. I could not identify the grease by color in the bearings so a I did a repack.

You can’t go wrong with a Lucas product