What kind of hitch are you using?

New owner and looking to figure out what type of hitch are you all using? Should I get a WDH? Given the big LP battery box on the front I am not sure what fits.

Depends on what tr7ck you are using.
My 7660 lbs trailer needed the equalizer WD hitch with my silverado 1500
My 3500 dually didnt need the WD, didnt even know it was attached

I don’t know yet that is the problem, the dealership is recommending a WDH and I am all about it from previous rigs. What I don’t understand is what will even fit on the unit since when you go to bolt any of the parts to the tongue it will be covered by the LP tank box.

Have you looked into these? This may fit since it doesn’t use traditional spring bars.

It should be easy to move the tank mounts

Just glancing at it there is just a small slot where you can put the WDH so alignment and height will be a problem with some WDH it seems. Keep in mind the cargo box on the tongue have doors that need to open.

Guess I will ping Brinkley to see what they were thinking.