What should I be paying for Z2900 2004?

I’m looking to upgrade my 5th wheel and looked at the Z2900 yesterday at an RV show. The MSRP is a bit over $102k. Any opinions on what price would be a good or at least reasonable price?

It’s not uncommon to start at about 30% off the average MSRP price. I will tell that if you need accessories like lithium batteries, tripod, sewer hoses, hitch and other options on the rig you can make a far better bundle deal. The margin on parts and accessories and generally very high so account that into your deal.

For example if you wanted to get a GenY hitch installed, negotiate the price of that and installation into the package price. Make sure you talk about financing you will most of the time do better since they could get a few points on the backend.

Make sure you know your credit score and investigate where you can get alternative RV loans such as a local credit union. If you do put a deposit make sure in writing it is refundable, the VIN is on the paperwork if it is a unit on the lot and any other accessories are noted in writing.

This is good advice, when negociating adding a hitch or accessories can have a huge discount.

Most of the time we all think about 35% off MSRP is a good spot. You will probably do better with a loan than cash. If you trade-in that will also be a big deal, try not to talk about how you are paying or if you will trade in till after you have a price on the unit.