Whatever you do don't get service at GeneralRV

I am beyond frustrated at GeneralRV for their lack of attention and support at three different dealerships. This is not a single store issue but multiple. First you have to deal with calling into a random person who can’t do anything each and every time. It is impossible to get someone at the local dealership.

Then nobody at the location you want ever answers the phone. I have asked for multiple calls backs or email that have gone unanswered. You call in and gets some rep who then proceeds to tell me that I called in a week ago – as if that waiting a week to get a call/email was not bad enough.

When I asked Brinkley how it was been workin with them I get some generic love answer that ahh all dealerships have problems and they lost a lot of people during COVID. It has been years since then, it does not take a ton of effort to follow-up on what you promise and do what you say you are going to do. I can get into specifics but I don’t want to whine all day. Just warning who you buy from them possibly that is ok but they have the worst customer service of any dealership I have ever purchased from in 40 years!

I thought I was crazy but then I read the reviews from a couple of the locations I worked with any pretty much Google, Yelp all say the exact something I do. Do you own homework!

Heads up before anyone buys this spring…


I am sorry that you had that experience. Don’t get too frustrated these are all just people, most of them are underpaid and not a highly skilled job. They have no frame of reference to what good customer service is.

I too have had nothing but bad experiences with General RV in the past as well. I have yet to bring my rig but I have started a small list of minor adjustments that need to be made. The entire process of dealing with the service advisors is poor. You really need to take pictures, get everything in a email so you have things in writing. They don’t holistically look at their customers and just do whatever work is in-front of them.

I found smaller stores do a much better job.

@RoamingSoul what store was this if you don’t mind me asking?

This is what you get for going to a big chain, they are like going to Camping World.

That came off harsh — @RoamingSoul just frustrated.

I haven’t been but many in the industry are just horrible. It is the worst part of buying a rig under warranty. In general it feels like they break more than they fix sometimes.

@RoamingSoul depending on what you need Brinkley will reimburse for (some) mobile service. You may want to check with Customer Care.

I purchased mine through them in Ohio. I will say that trying to get ahold of someone is absolutely miserable. They don’t coordinate between departments and I found that they don’t communicate expectations for service.

My unit needed a replacement spare tire at delivery. I had to call nearly every day for a week to try to get someone to get me the tire so I could get home safely. The impression I got was they only cared about making the sale and the service folks were on their own schedule can could care less.

@RoamingSoul if it makes you feel any better, the finance people first had the wrong amount after I got my financing. I had to pay out of pocket the difference. They also spelled my name wrong on all the title and registration paperwork which had to be redone.

I definitely feel your pain but all dealerships have their issues. The next few months are going to bit a shit show with all the folks trying to get their units on the road by Memorial Day. The dealership network in general gets better after the 4th of July before the next fall rush.

@RoamingSoul did you get any resolution. I am getting close to pulling a trigger on a new coach and I had been talking with General RV myself. One of the issues the sales guy said is that many dealers won’t work on your coach if you don’t purchase it from them.

They are building a huge new service center not far from me so I thought that would help. Otherwise the closest Brinkley dealers are fairly far away.

I had an appointment at the Elizabethtown PA store this week for a scheduled part replacement. That store blew me off and never ordered the parts! My parents were literally about to pull the trigger on a Brinkley and have decided to find a new dealership this is so insane.

I called little over 90 days ago to schedule the appointment since it is 4 hours away, I did’t want to waste my time. There are closer dealer but this is where I purchased it and I wanted to follow through since the misaligned part was found during PDI. I called again at 60 days out to confirm with the service advisor that the parts were ordered and they said they needed to get the pictures from PDI and follow-up. She asked for the name of Brinkley Customer Care person I have been working on and my case so they could follow up and make sure the parts were ordered.

30 days out I called again to confirm and she “forgot about it” and nothing was ordered. I explained this is a 4 hour drive, I booked campgrounds and this had been going on since last fall…its important that this issue get resolved. She agreed, so I called 2 weeks out to confirm if the parts finally shipped.

Now nobody is returning my call. I called General RV call center again and left my email address in the event this was an issue with the call being blocked. I called again the following week, my wife called and again nobody responded. I talked with Brinkley Customer Care they reached out to the manager who said someone would call me back and nothing. I followed up again with Brinkley and they assured me someone would call me and nobody ever did.

I can’t waste driving out 4 hours to a dealership for an appointment for parts they needed to order and not have them. It would be a complete waste of my time. The fact that I followed up and tried to be attentive but not pestering to make sure the work was done is insane.

The part that makes me so angry is that Brinkley rep recommended them as the premier dealership when I purchased.

I won’t even get into how they forgot my spare tire at delivery. General RV tried to pass this tire off like was off another Brinkley and started to mount it. It very clearly was not the spare tire that came with a Brinkley, it’s not even black wheel!

I would have financed it but the finance guy just never bothered to follow-up. When he did, he just sent an invoice and never talked to me. They wanted to ceramic coat the rig before pickup and offered some promotions that I was interested in and they just did’t bother to follow-up on that. I paid in cash and they attempted to change the price when I arrived after sending my an invoice and I already cut a cashiers check. All my paperwork that should have been completed was done wrong and had to be redone. Then to boot everyone left from the dealership before I was ready to go. I had not even tested the hitch or camera both which were not setup properly.

I don’t have anything good to say about them anywhere in the process from pre-sales, financing through delivery and warranty.

I found it very difficult to find a new dealership. Most of them I called would’t do warranty work if I did’t purchase it from them. I ended up asking my local Meyer’s RV who Brinkley Customer Care suggested and they said they would help me out. When I called I got a live human who being so that was a bonus.

The tire that General RV said “came from” a different Brinkley as a replacement for the one they did’t catch during PDI.