Where are you getting additional 370 watt solar panels?

Title says it all, I want to put 3 more panels on my roof and the Furrion 370 watt panel is stupid expensive. Where are we getting them from? Do we have alternatives? Should I mix and match other brands?

This is the one we have installed on my Z 3100 now:


I used them on my latest RV solar and they set me up right!

@sparkles169 they are Grape Solar panels, you can get them cheeper. Note that the product ID for the Furrion is GS-M120-370W-Fab1:

Missouri Wind and Solar has them

Home Depot you can get a 4x pack


The altE store had them but I can’t find them anymore.

So big issue here is shipping, you are pretty much screwed trying to find a 370 watt panel that is not from Furrion. The shipping kills you, seems like it would be easier and cheaper to replace the panel on the roof with a pair of something else.

Any suggestions?

Looks like we are stuck buying them from Furrion direct. The shipping from them kills you even. It would be cheaper to remove the 370 and buy a new one.

I use the single 370w that came with rig, but put (6) Rich Solar panels. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to dimensions of 370watt panel. Now go on roof and put that cardboard down; it might not be easy to find a place for it; and then what if you want more solar later ? Consider the Rich Solar as I found to have a perfect width that fits very well between Air Conditioner and gutter rail. These are 200watt each. Watch the sales, I paid < $200 in November 2023.

It’s a good idea but I just want to increase the voltage and thus I need an identical panel so I can run them in parallel.

I may as well remove the one I have and buy a pair of bifacial ones. The problem I have been trying to figure out is getting ones with the same width so I can use the factory Z clips.

I have 48v for my primary batteries, I would prefer to charge them and then they charge my single 12v house battery from the DC-DC converter. As it stands I can only use the single without a matching one for my 12v loads which is less than ideal.

I have been looking and found some rigid ones as well that are about the same with so you could swap them for identical pair of panels.

Any interest in ordering a pallet and seeing if we can do a group buy? I reached out to Grape and they can ship me a pallet of 4 for $2268. It would’t be much more if I did a larger pallet because shipping is almost $800 in that.

I think I read where it isn’t really necessary that they be the same brand as long as they are the same wattage. Any solar experts want to chime in here?

One can use different brand solar panels and different wattage solar panels in the same system wired in parallel. The more different the panels are from each other the more efficiency loss will happen, but it won’t hurt anything.

If one panel consistently has a lower output voltage than a different panel in the system, that panel with the lower voltage won’t be contributing as much current to the system as it could if all panel voltages were equal. The total power output will still be increased, but perhaps not by as much as one would expect just looking at the panel specs.

In order to get the most out of one’s panels, one wants them to match output voltage vs sunlight on the panel as closely as possible, and the easiest way to get matching panels is to use the same part number from the same manufacturer in your system.

My first RV was a class B, it had two matching 90W panels on the roof, I typically saw 100 - 150W out of it. I added a single 175W panel (totally different manufacturer and it was much newer technology) on the roof in parallel and started to see 250 - 300W pretty consistently in good sunlight. YMMV of course.

AFAIK all panels these days have protection diodes to prevent a higher voltage panel from driving current into a lower voltage panel.

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