Windows: Square Euro Frameless w/ 6″ Openings

We are very interested in hearing feedback about these windows and their ability to provide enough ventilation with such a small opening. The traditional sliding windows provide so much open area to allow the outside in, will the 6" opening do the same?

@Gary325 Here are some pictures, I think they are working fine and I am in 80+ degree weather right now. They have fairly large openings, the MaxAir fans help, my only complaint is that they did’t use the deluxe so you have to add your own cover and they are not reversible.

In past rigs with the Maxxair Maxxfan deluxe you can run them in the rain and because they have forward and reverse you can have one pull in fresh air while the other exhausts. However, for sunny days this works fine for now, I am working on swapping mine out for the deluxe variant but that also requires pulling a different signal cable if you want to swap the wall controller to support the other features.

Thanks for the reply and the photos. We are very interested in the Brinkley and I’ve looked at several in the area but it’s cold here so really no reason to open the windows to experience the Cross flow ventilation.

I am hearing that Brinkley is or plans to offer as an option European style dual pane windows that open up all the way. Any truth to this rumor? I do not like the crank style windows that only open up a few inches.

I don’t know any frameless windows that open fully up. I have had the windows open and I will give you two benefits in the hot sun so far:

  1. The awning type windows shield the rain and you can keep them open far harder rain then other types.

  2. You continue to get the sun blocking qualities from the tint.

As far as dual pane windows. I got them on my rig but I am disappointed because many of the windows are NOT dual pane. Namely any window in a slide and the small fixed horizontal windows. So what is the point if only some of them are dual pane, nobody told us that only some will be? On the flip side you can defiantly tell the difference between a single and dual pane window heat transfer putting you hand up to it.