Wireless charging station

We have absolutely no need to use the wireless charger that is built into the middle of the two recliners. We would much rather have cup holders. I realize the charger is waterproof but we would like to eliminate it.

Has anyone else tried this ?

Take a look at the Brinkley RV Group, Brinkley RV User Group, or the Brinkley RV Model Z Owners on Facebook. Have seen some posts where people were making nice wood ones to sell. Seems like $40 or so. Search for cup holders.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m not on Facebook and don’t plan to be either.
Thanks anyway.

Most only have direct messages thorough Facebook, but found one with an email address.
Updated 3 inch
Cell inserts ready to ship
40.00plus shipping
Use number to insure correct item
Contact [email protected]

Tried uploading a picture but things aren’t cooperating. Maybe the maker can send you some pictures of options. Good luck.

Thanks again. I appreciate the quick reply.

Are you looking to take it out? Or just fill it with a Cup holder or two. I could 3D print something?

wouldnt look as good as wood though.

I have a neighbor who is great at woodworking projects that I’m going to ask if he would make one for me.
I will show him some pictures my wife saw on Facebook and see if he is interested.

Thanks for the reply.

I would be lost without the Brinkley groups on Facebook. It’s the only thing I use it for. And my three friends on it are Brinkley owners. Regarding the cup holder, I’d be happy to put you in touch with the fella who made mine. I do not want to post his email here without asking his permission so I’m going to tell him about this group.