Woke up this morning to burst hose

Unfortunately the Brinkley supplied water hose must have had a manufacturing defect. It seems the hose just burst open with a small hole.

So before I get the keyboard critics, we have a pressure regulator since day one. We have not had the pipe frozen. We are very specific about how we setup, the hose travels under the rig and leads out direct at a right angle to the hookup. Nothing was chewing on it, we have cameras and did’t pickup on anything.

The funny part is we are at a park that suffers from low water pressure. I suspect it started yesterday, when I came back to the rig it had a small puddle in the area where I can only assume was a drip. I thought at the time was AC condensation from the bedroom.

Those are some straight cuts with sharp turns. Looks like something hit or ran over it.

Do you have recording security cameras?

It is not possible to have run over it. It is on the service side and we run it under the rig to keep it out of the sun.

When you look at the cuts you can see the cording from the inside. It has to be a manufacturer defect.

That automatic hose reel they put in the Z 2900 is another issue that I forgot about that takes up too much space behind the bulkhead if you’re wanting to install a good solar system or other things inside that compartment. And it’s a waste of space if you’re using a heated water hose in the winter time, so I think I really prefer just carrying different length hoses in the back of my truck or stowing them as conditions allow. It’s just another waste of my money like the inverter prep that is useless with a full inverter charger system like the Victron multi-plus which does all kinds of wonderful things for you, especially when running a small generator plugged into your shore power. Then another waste of my money is the stupid dog bowl Storage that has to be emptied before you can stow it and the paper towel holder that’s in a drawer? That’s a lot of drawer space. Just leave it sitting out on the counter where you can get it without getting your nasty hands all over thedoor. And then you can put the paper towel in your cabinet to help cushion some of the stuff that rattles around when you’re driving.

I actually like it but I would prefer the hose have been 3/4. Running off a larger diameter hose I have noticed at the park I am at which has low water pressure the flow in the shower was much better.

Regardless Brinkley the next morning had a replacement shipped to me on the road and it arrived yesterday. :clap:

We’ve had countless garden hoses and 5/8” drip lines bitten by raccoons. Always exciting to discover a geyser. We’ve replaced many hoses and drip lines and they even bit holes in the swimming pool vacuum hose! Could your hose have been bitten?