Z 3100 Exterior TV

Hi, has anyone installed a TV on the outside of a 3100? Appreciate sharing pictures, what may have worked, and what didn’t. Thanks!

Are you aware that they are going to be installing mount points that will accept all kinds of objects on the outside, one of which is a TV mount?


I want to know bout this also. I don’t think the Morryde TV mounts will fit on the front compartment walls. I would love it if the TV could flip down from the ceiling somehow.

Are you referring to the attachments that were on the preview model during the dealer open house this past fall?

Those are the KeBloc that all I think Brinkley does is define a specific spot in the wall with a sticker where you can screw in the KeBloc. Once that block is installed they have a variety of attachments. One of which can be a TV mount, shelf and a few others things. I heard that Brinkley wanted to make a few branded accessories themselves.

No reason I can think of that you could just get a block and screw it in yourself. You would just need to find the frame location and mount the block.

The new Z product launches show the KeBloc. Apparently they have been including them in the Z’s now and the accessories are going to be available in the Gear store soon. I also want to retrofit my unit with them so I can mount the TV on the block.

I like this mount on a swivel myself TILTING SWING TV WALL MOUNT KIT (COMES WITH A KEBLOC) – KeBloc. I wonder if I a stud finder would find it?

Does it have to be on the wall? Most of the people I have seen it on Brinkley Model Z’s are putting them in the front compartment.

@rriceintx did you find solution? I would also be interested in some pictures, we were thinking about getting a projector but we can then only use it at night.

Thanks for all the input. I think the KeBloc is the best available solution. I plan to contact Brinkley to find mounting location options and suggestions. Happy to post their feedback.

Please I want to retrofit mine as well, the KeBloc seems like the best option. I was thinking of trying to make a C channel that I could screw to the ceiling of the pass though to slide the TV into for travel days.

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There is a sticker on the side of my 3100 showing where to mount the KeBlok, and the block was in the bag with all the manuals. I have not installed it, I can’t decide if I want to trill holes in the side.