Z2900 Owners. What size snap pads did you get?

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New 2024 Brinkley Z2900 owner. Picking it up when the snow melts in early May. First time going from a TT to a 5th wheel.

I want to order some Snap Pads for when we pick it up. Do you know what model or size of Snap Pads fit on the Z2900?

Appreciate any help in this matter.

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Ottawa (ON) Canada

I got the SnapPad Xtra for 6" feet


I like them but my only issue with SnapPads is they don’t drain the water. I am considering drilling out some holes to get some water drainage. I will say that I didn’t not use soap but rather I sprayed the underside of the feet with CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor. It is like a liquid wax but it holds up so well to rust.

I sprayed the pad first, then I sprayed around the SnapPads base and sides just before I pushed the jacks down. This way the CRC Corrosion Inhibitor was the lubricant and helps protect the metal on the plate. With no airflow and lots of water spray on the pads I felt it best to do everything I could, especially since SnapPads recommends something.

I will note that SnapPads allows for the XTRA pads to be drilled though using the current weep holes as a guide for extra drainage.


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Same feet :point_up_2:

Didn’t know you can drill them, been wondering about that. They do tend to collect water on whatever side the rain comes from.

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Have you seen this product, it is both a foot and the larger pad. Even with snappads you can still bend the foot on uneven terrain.

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Just as an alternative Stromberg Carlson makes a shoe. The advantage is it is EPDM and removable and reusable. A SnapPad is a one time thing and highly likely will be damaged attempting to remove it.

I wish I went with base pad shoe:

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Interesting. Thank you to all for your replies.

You can now get SnapPads base to fit Anderson Trailer Jack Block the best of both worlds.

So you will have the following:


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These are really nice, I wish I did these as well. I like how they install and loos like with the back being open it really drains better then the cups the SnapPads are.

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If it’s the new style with the hydraulic jacks, the pads are 9”!

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Thank you for the information.