Z3100 Main slide issue Damaged the Floor

Okay just had my second major issue with my Z3100 and it dont look like Brinkley is going to fix it.

The first issue was the AC short cycle problem.

The second is the main slide got caught on something when we put it in and it tore a hole in the floor.

There was a wood like debris left over by the hole so im sure it wasnt a rock or pebble. and we only camped in it for 2 days. (first time out) to shake down any issues.

you can see the from bottom pic that they used a particle board. The left over residue looks like that materal. And it didnt see anything else there. No screws or nails or anything. There is a nail pop on the floor a few inches away. Maybe it was something under the floor.

I emailed Brinkley about the issue and sent them photos and they just refered my to a local repair company. WTF!!

That’s sure disappointing, especially for your first use!
Looks like a screw/nail/staple was dragged across it or the floor dragged under one sticking down somewhere.

Were you able to lift up the slide flooring and see anything stuck under there anywhere or where they pass each other while sliding?

Definitely add cleaning/inspecting under those flaps to your teardown or setup checklist.

Good luck!

I did look under there. Ran the slide in and out multiple times trying to find what might have done it. I didnt see anything. There is another spot a few inches away where the flooring sticks up alittle like a nailpop or something. Ill take a pic of it tonight. Im wondering if there was something under the flooring that got caught. My slide tilts back a few degrees where it starts to move in then drops back to level. when moving. Maybe this rocking made it drag just enough to scuff the floor.

Brinkley is going to cover it. So thats good.

I have one in my floor as well, it looks like a screw during manufacturing. It is so far to find I am ignoring it but this is a known issue with the slides.

I always make sure I vacuum the floors before pulling the slides in to prevent any extra dust from causing this.

That’s good to hear!

How does something like this get fixed? I have a screwhead sticking up in our G4000 that has broken through the linoleum. This seems like a major undertaking!

Im using a company that Brinkley recommended. Creative Colors.

The person that came out gave me two options.

  1. Fix the tear with some color matched Vinyl epoxy of some sort.

  2. Order a squar of flooring from Brinkley and try and seam it together.

The issue with the second option is the floor is somewhat streached so to get the seams to fit would be difficult. so we went with option 1.

He is supposed to come out next week and do it. Ill post photos whe he is done!!

HI all.
The Creative Colors person was out today!! Wow

You can’t even tell the floor was ever damaged.

Maybe if you had a magnifying glass!!

But they did a phenomenal job!!! Super impressed!!
Photos to follow

THe area they fix is by the arrows. Dont looks like it was ever damaged

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