Z3100 Splendide stackable washer/dryer spin cycle moves the unit

I have a 2024 z3100 and recently installed a stackable Splendide unit. When on spin cycle and on the lowest setting, the WD moves within the confines of the space it’s in. I’m looking for a solution to keep it from hitting the walls or breaking the wood cross piece that the doors latch to. Put some form of gel padding around it? Or some other material to buffer? Thanks…

I saw splendide sells clips that bolt to the floor and clip in to hold the unit in place.

Splendide does sell brackets that can be screwed in the floor. It is a bit tight getting them in there though. i have a combo unit i moved over from a former MH, in which i had it screwed in place there. Here i am considering building a small paltform to raise it up for easier pull/cleanout and better access to screw the brackets in.

I have heard some folks say that just putting pads down have helped like this one


I would like to figure out a way to fit in a pan under the washer but I am not sure what will fit. I was just starting to do some research but that may also give an option to help hold the unit from wobbling around a bit and hitting the walls with the tapered lip.