Z3400 Splendide W/D

Does the splendide stackable washer and dryer actually fit in the cabinet? Specifically the upper cabinet for the dryer. The back left upper corner slopes down and by my measurements it’s very close. Was hoping someone else has already installed them before I order mine only to find out they don’t fit. Thanks!

2021 Ram 3500 HD Dually
2024 Brinkley Z3400

If the cabinet is the same size as the Z3100, it is my understanding you must remove the shelf in order to have the height for the stackable combo. You either leave that front of cabinet cross-member piece in or re-install it after getting the combo in place so it looks right with the doors closed and magnets are in place to hold them closed. And use the brackets from Splendide to stack them.

I am not an owner yet, but spent a lot of time at a recent RV show with a Brinkley rep and asked this exact question of him. Check out some YT videos on folks installing these in a Brinkley.

Good Luck

I know this is not specific to the Splendide but they don’t get very good reviews either online or from a few people we spoke with. We went with the LG WM3555HWA washer and ventless dryer combo unit.


It does fit in just the lower cabinet. Drilled a hole through the shelf in the back corder and put a grommet in to route the electrical cord up to the outlet.


The hardest part is the water lines which we used 90s and I have been looking I can most likely shift it back further if I take the top of the washer off and loosen the water connection bracket. Depth is the only constraint and I don’t want the hoses rubbing on the rear wall of the closet.


My only concern with a front loading washer is the hammering effect on the plumbing. Yes the rigs are pex and we have a huge long rubber hose on the outside which should prevent any hydraulic shock. I wonder if it would be beneficial at all?

I dont know the 3400, i have a z3100, and as traveldreamer said, if the 3400 is the same, you have to remove the middle shelf, put the washer on the bottom, then drop in the dryer on top of it. That will fit.

This is one of the areas where Brinkley could do better, on the z3100 at least, make the space a bit deeper, and the hole for drier vent access must be bigger, and the hookups for washer would be much better off on the other side through wall into closet. The current design was never really tested by anyone between deign and production i am guessing.

The manual does state how to d o the stacked unit install.

Just purchased a z3100 last week; the dealer installed the Splendide which I have never heard of. The washer dryer fit in the cabinet with the wood cross bar to hold the magnets for the doors. It works fine once you figure out the concepts; I prefer my LG at home but the dealer showed me their installation of new Newmar Class A’s with that brand, said if they were an issue, they wouldn’t install them.
I had a whirlpool front loading washer/dryer in my Class A - no issues.

I did a post of the install for the single combo unit LG Ventless Washer/Dryer Install for anyone looking in the future.

Pluses to me:

Did’t loose both closet spaces.

The dryer does not suck out all the conditioned air (raising the humidity in the summer and drafts of cold in the winter)

Don’t need to be home to run a full load, start one unit and forget it till it’s done.

Possible disadvantage

Full wash and dry can take 2.5hrs a load for us as a couple a load is a weeks worth of clothing.